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Marriage is the beginning of something beautiful!

In today’s world, many people wonder if getting married is still relevant since that it has become normal for couples to live together for years without getting married. Couples live together, have children and remain committed to each other for years without being married to each other. What is so important and special about getting married? Why do people still choose to get married? The reason is simple. Marriage makes your relationship divine and sacred. No matter your race or religion, when you get married, you promise yourself to your partner not only before man but before your divine entity and as such, your union become sacred.

A well-planned wedding is guaranteed a successful wedding!

As your wedding day is a very special day, you want everything to be perfect. This means that you need to start your planning well ahead of time. Wedding planning is quite a task and can be overwhelming. However, we at VCS Engagements, can help you from the beginning to plan every aspect of your wedding. With valuable tips and ideas from us, every aspect of your wedding planning can be done to perfection. VCS Engagement provides the perfect venues and help you to organize each event surrounding your wedding.


Engagement Party

Get engaged in the presence of your family and friends and give your future wedding guests the opportunity to get to know one another.


Announcement Bash

Announce your engagement to your family and friends and also give them the opportunity to get to know each other before the wedding.

Stag and Hen Dos

Celebrate the last days of your life as an unmarried person with your closet friends, engaging in fun and exciting activities at a destination of your choice.

Wedding Reception

Receive your family and friends for the first time as a married couple after the completion of your marriage ceremony.

Why Choose Us

Are you wondering why you should choose us to help you plan and organize the events surrounding your weddings. Here are a few reasons: 

We care about every little detail and attention pertaining to your wedding and go the extra miles to give you a unique wedding.

Your wedding is our priority! That means that we give you the highest possible level of service, quality and creativity.

Start Planning Your Wedding!

Is your wedding planning a scary task for you? Are you in need of some help? Get into contact with VCS Engagement and let us help you with your wedding planning. We do not only focus on the wedding itself but we focus on all events surrounding your wedding, from the beginning to the end. We help you plan and organize the event! We help you to find the perfect venue! We help you to have the wedding that you have always dreamt about and to create lasting moments that you will remember for the rest of your life!! It’s time to start planning your wedding and it would be our pleasure to help you do so. 



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I am so thankful to VCS Engagement for helping me to plan the wedding of my dreams. I was in over my head until I was advised to contact them. I am so grateful that I did because my wedding would not have been a success without them.
Mary Allen

Happy Client

I recently organized a Hen Party for my friend and it was such a success thanks to you guys. Everything was well-organized! We had to worry about nothing! So thank you for the great work and commitment to making our event a success.
Anada B. Samuels